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About Lynette

The path where art and nature meet is where I begin to create. Long hikes through alpine mountains, or leisurely walks to the store in town are both places where I feel connected and inspired by nature. No matter the season, I can be found picking wildflowers, shrubs, or leaves and incorporating them into functional pottery. Each piece of pottery I make is unique in that I picked each flower from a certain region, trail, or town in Colorado. I believe immersing yourself in nature is incredibly grounding, I incorporate these natural elements into my pottery to feel grounded with every cup of tea I drink or dinner I share with loved ones. I share my work with loved ones and strangers in hopes that each person who shares in my pottery can feel closer to nature and themselves.

You can find me picking flowers in and around Boulder, Colorado. I worked with a collective of female potters in East Boulder. I'd love to connect, find me at

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